Jimmy Carr used popular and simple diet method to achieve weight loss

Susie Dent jokes about Jimmy Carr’s hair transplant

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Jimmy Carr has entertained the British public for years, known for hosting shows such as 8 Out of 10 Cats and The Big Fat Quiz of the Year. He not only leaves viewers in awe at his risqué sense of humour but over the years he has stunned fans with his ever-changing appearance and weight loss transformation.

And his success is all down to one dieting method in particular – intermittent fasting.

He previously told Loose Women his weight loss secrets and it’s a strategy that’s grown in popularity over the years.

He told the panellists: “I stopped eating after six in the evening. No exercise, nothing, I’ve just stopped eating at night!”

He explained his busy work schedule took a toll on his nutrition so he decided to get it under control.

“I was eating very late, I was eating after shows and if you work nights… if you stop eating then just have a big lunch, it’s nice,” Jimmy recalled.

“It’s like with anything in life, it’s the 80/20 thing, isn’t it?

“If you don’t eat after six most of the time you’ll be fine and then if occasionally you go out to dinner then it’s a treat, it’s nice.”

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Followers of an intermittent fasting plan will eat only during a small time window during the day and fast for the remaining hours.

By focusing on when they eat, people could see results faster as fasting for a certain number of hours each day can help burn body fat.

According to Healthline, intermittent fasting “enhances hormone function to facilitate weight loss”.

Experts at the publication state: “Lower insulin levels, higher HGH levels, and increased amounts of norepinephrine (noradrenaline) all increase the breakdown of body fat and facilitate its use for energy.

“For this reason, short-term fasting actually increases your metabolic rate, helping you burn even more calories.”

While the fasting method helps Jimmy burn a lot of calories, he also began to do more exercise too, crediting “exercise and protein pills” for playing a part in maintaining his slimmer frame.

Diet and exercise are the two main players when it comes to losing weight, with many experts suggesting they must go hand in hand to see the best results.

When appeared on Gabby Logan’s Midpoint podcast, the comedian spoke about his healthy lifestyle and admitted watching himself on TV motivates him to keep at the top of his game.

He said: “What I imagine in my head matches what I see in the mirror.

“It’s the illusion of being on TV – you see yourself in full make-up looking your best and lit well, then you look in the mirror and go, ‘Oof, that’s disappointing.’

“I took a thing like a protein pill. I got the hair transplant and they said, ‘You should take something to make your hair grow.'”

Jimmy has always been very open about using supplements to boost his healthy lifestyle, saying: “I take a lot of pills as part of a health overhaul.

“The cosmetic stuff is sort of nonsense, it’s the feeling better and there’s the exercise I do and the pills I take.”

Jimmy Carr’s I Literally Just Told You airs at 10pm tonight on Channel 4.

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