Joe Wicks: Body Coach reveals the easy diet rule you must follow to shape up

Joe Wicks is also known as the Body Coach and often shared his diet and exercise tips. As well as posting about fitness online, he has released a number of cookbooks and workout videos. Speaking to, Joe explained what you should eat if trying to get into shape and an important rule you should follow.


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After gaining a degree in Sports Science, Joe worked as a personal trainer before sharing his content online.

He will regularly post videos of healthy meals that are quick to make and don’t require many ingredients, making them perfect for midweek dining.

When trying to get into shape, the coach explained diet and exercise are both essential.

What should you eat?

He told “Regular home cooking, so focus on avoiding on processed food, deliveries and takeaways, just keep it simple and go back to basics and stick to home-cooked food.”

Sticking to home cooked meals will help slimmers control what they are eating and help them stay on track.

Although there are many different diets on the market, Joe explained why you do not need to follow a structured plan to see results.

“The truth is that there is no perfect diet plan for everyone,” he added.

“I think it’s about your lifestyle and your preferences, what kind of food you enjoy, what works for you, keeps you happy and gives you energy as well.”

He explained diets such as keto or paleo can work but they are not for everyone.

Joe said: “Some people really enjoy the ketogenic diet or the paleo diet or anything else – it just has to be sustainable.


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“It’s about you focusing on cooking food you love and exercising regularly, and I wouldn’t say banning any food.”

When trying to lose weight, the coach stressed how important it is not to be too strict as this can actually hinder results.

He told “I think with the things that you love, it’s just about being sensible with your portions, allowing yourself treats and not being too strict because then it can lead you falling off the wagon, so just try to be balanced with everything.”

The fitness expert also revealed doing regular exercise will help those hoping to lose weight reach their goals. 

He said cardio exercises, such as High Intensity Interval Training, and resistance training will both help get results.

Joe told “The exercise that can help with weight loss is a combination of both resistance training and cardio.

“So, I’m a big fan of body weight training in terms of HIIT stuff like press ups and squats and mountain climbers.”

Joe recently held a 30-minute intense workout during Dubai Fitness Challenge 2019, an event which hosts more than 5,000 fitness classes and sessions across the city.

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