Kate Middleton shares unusual exercise equipment she uses to keep fit

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Kate Middleton, 41, looks incredible for a woman in her early 40s, and today shared that she keeps fit by bouncing on her children’s trampoline before school. The Princess of Wales hosted a reception today in recognition of the success of the England Wheelchair Rugby League team at the recent Rugby League World Cup, at Hampton Court Palace.

Speaking as patron of the Rugby Football Union, the Princess said: “It’s running around after the children..whenever I can squeeze in exercise I do..even jumping on the trampoline with my children before school.”

She also shared that her youngest child, Prince Louis, four, absolutely loved rugby.

Kate added: “We’re always slightly competitive with each other. They all love sport and Louis is mad about rugby.”

Apart from her fabulous fashion style, Kate’s physique is the object of envy for many of her fans.

The Princess of Wales is known for her love of sports, and her workouts are no joke; a challenging combination of cardio and strength training is part of her everyday routine.

Her dedication to staying fit and active is enviable, and her secret lies in the combination of various exercises and activities which are great for engaging different muscle groups.

Isaac Robertson, a fitness expert and co-founder of Total Shape, breaks down the basic elements of Kate’s routine and explains how to do the exercises properly in order to get the most out of them.

According to Mr Robertson, Kate’s routine involves planking (which burns two to five calories per minute), running (burns 11.4 calories per minute), yoga (burns five calories per minute), Pilates (burns five calories per minute), and CrossFit (burns 13 to 15 calories per minute).

What are the benefits of planking?

Mr Robertson said: “Benefits of the plank exercise are numerous, starting with the fact that you can do them anywhere and you don’t need any equipment.

“This simple, yet very effective exercise is one of the best ways to build core strength. Apart from strengthening large groups of muscles throughout the body, including your trapezius, glutes, and rhomboids, it improves your posture by strengthening your spine. You will also become better coordinated, and planks burn more calories than any other core exercise.

“Reportedly, Kate focuses her plank exercises around three variations. The first one is the basic plank, done by getting in the starting position for a press-up, then lowering yourself to your forearms. While planking, make sure that your shoulders are right above your elbows, that your head is a straight extension of your spine, and that your glutes and ab muscles are engaged.

“The second variation is the side plank, excellent for strengthening your oblique muscles, the ones on the side of your core. While lying on your side, stack one leg on top of the other and prop yourself on your hand or elbow. Here again, the key is to keep your body in a straight line. Repeat on the other side.

“The last variation is the skydive plank, which is a little less demanding. While lying on your stomach with your hands next to your temples, start raising your chest and your quads off the floor as high as you can and hold for a couple of seconds, before lowering them down again.

“While planking, focus on your breathing instead of the stopwatch—it will make the time go faster. In the beginning, you should aim for multiple sets of 10 to 30 seconds. Keep in mind, it takes some time and patience before building up to Kate’s reported 10 sets of 45-second planks for each variation.”

What are the benefits of running?

The expert continued: “The Princess is a known fan of running, and combining strength exercises with cardio is always a great idea; the best results will come from mixing the two since they engage different muscle groups.

“If you are not a fan of running, you can try other aerobic exercises, like cycling, swimming, skipping, or even just walking.”

What are the benefits of yoga and Pilates?

Mr Robertson commented: “Yoga has proven very beneficial, not only for your physical health and flexibility but for your general wellbeing as well. Doing yoga regularly can help clear your mind, reduce stress, improve digestion, and boost your brain function and immunity.

“Pilates is another great way to work on your flexibility, as well as your posture. It also helps tone your abdomen and lower back muscles. Pilates can be very demanding as it requires precise and steady movements and taking full control of your breathing.

“If you don’t want to find a yoga or Pilates instructor, no worries. There are plenty of resources online which can help you learn about different exercises and how to do them properly.”

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