Lady Kitty Spencer ‘healthy’ diet includes ‘melted cheese’ – isn’t ‘restrictive’ with food

Lady Kitty Spencer stars in campaign promoting Chinese milk

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Lady Kitty Spencer, 31, is the eldest child of Charles Spencer, ninth Earl of Spencer. A spokesmodel for jewellery brand Bulgari and Italian fashion brand Dolce and Gabbana, Kitty wed 63-year-old South African-born British businessman Michael Lewis in a lavish Italian wedding last summer. Kitty wore Dolce and Gabbana for the occasion.

Over the last few years, royal fans will have noticed that Kitty has lost a lot of weight.

The socialite’s appearance changed in the years before Meghan Markle and Prince Harry’s wedding in 2018, which was when she was flung into the spotlight.

In a recent interview, Kitty revealed that Meghan and Harry’s wedding was in fact one motivator for her weight loss.

Another reason for it was her family’s health – Kitty’s mother had drug and alcohol issues, while her late aunt, Diana, had a history with bulimia.

These health problems made Kitty realise that she needed to look after her body and lead a healthier lifestyle.

Now, Kitty eats a balanced diet and does regular exercise.

Whenever she’s in London, the model enjoys going to spinning or barre classes, she told Harper’s Bazaar in a 2019 interview.

Nutritional health coach and founder of The Health Zoc, Holly Zoccolan, added that Kitty stays active when she’s travelling too.

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She said: “As Lady Kitty Spencer makes it a priority to stay active whilst travelling, this shows her consistency with leading a healthy lifestyle.

“She is often seen on social media swimming, using bikes and generally staying active when travelling.

“As we know, consistency is key for a healthy mind and body so it’s great that Lady Kitty makes this a priority.”

Holly added that Kitty isn’t afraid to eat what she wants, saying: “We can also see that Lady Kitty is not restrictive with her diet, but makes maintaining her health a priority so it seems that she leads a healthy lifestyle, as opposed to following restrictive diet patterns that cause an unhealthy relationship with food and exercise.”

Kitty revealed that she will grab a Pret A Manger sandwich for lunch and enjoys eating truffle pizza.

Describing the pizza, she said: “It’s all just melted cheese – it’s heaven.”

The model continued: “I guess I’m doing these things on my own terms.

“I don’t think it’s my job to starve to fit into an outfit. If I’ve agreed to do something for a brand or whatever, I look after myself but I’m not obsessive or unhealthy.

“If a brand wants to work with me, and think their designs look good on me, then they can give them to me in my size.”

Kitty, evidently, has a healthy approach to her body and weight, but she has been criticised for her size in the past.

In 2016, an Instagram user left a comment underneath a photo of the model on holiday in the south of France. They wrote: “Lay off the cake, darling. You’re too fat.”

At the time, 24-year-old Kitty responded: “I’m sorry that you feel the need to post nasty comments under photographs of people you don’t know.

“I’ve yet to see unkind behaviour do any good in the world.”

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