Lose a stone with exercise method that’s quicker than cardio- burn ‘stubborn body fat’

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When it comes to losing weight, exercise is very helpful for shedding the pounds and maintaining the loss. And while doing lots of cardio training will also help the process, a new study has found there’s another type of exercise that is more effective.

Any form of exercise can increase fat metabolism and how many calories a person burns in a day.

But when it comes to fat burning, high-intensity interval training (HIIT) can burn more of it.

The study that was recently published in the British Journal of Sports Medicine, found that this form of exercise “increases fat burning more than aerobic exercise”.

Which could be good news for people wanting to lose weight fast.

HIIT training can be done in quick, short bursts, therefore can save a lot of time for those who are short of it.

Researchers explained that HIIT has many benefits not just during the sessions themselves, but by increasing fat burning during other physical and daily activities, too.

They explained: “Engaging in HIIT can improve burning fat, with larger effects expected for longer training regimens and individuals with overweight/obesity,” they explained.

They added that fat metabolism “will improve after only four weeks of HIIT”, and it will “continue to improve over time”.

And HIIT can be “important” for enhancing metabolic health and manage obesity.

While people could also improve their fat metabolism by engaging in aerobic exercise, this would require a much higher time commitment, and the “improvements would be smaller”.

“If that stubborn body fat isn’t going away, consider adding HIIT to your exercise routine,” said study author Professor Zeljko Pedisic, from the Institute for Health and Sport, Victoria University, Melbourne.

The study looked at results from 18 controlled intervention trials on the effects of HIIT on the rate of fat burning during exercise.

The trial looked at a total of 511 adult participants who were split into three control groups.

They engaged in either supervised HIIT, moderate-intensity aerobic exercise or didn’t exercise at all.

In almost all of the studies, participants engaged in three HIIT sessions per week from two to 14 weeks.

After 12 weeks of HIIT, each minute of physical activity burned around 0.13 grams of fat.

The current exercise guidelines recommend people take part in 150 minutes of aerobic activity per week, but if they try out HIIT training, the experts suggest they could burn around another 1.5 stone (10kg) of additional fat over a decade.

Professor Pedisic added: “According to the recent Worldwide Survey of Fitness Trends, HIIT is among the most popular types of workouts.

“If you are not already doing it, maybe you should give it a go.”

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