Lucy Pargeter weight loss: The Emmerdale star reveals secret behind her post-baby body

Many will recognise Lucy Pargeter for her role as Chas Dingle on ITV’s Emmerdale, which she’s starred in since 2002. In 2017, the actress, 42, welcomed twin girls with her ex fiancé Rudi Coleano, after undergoing IVF. Lucy and Rudi are also parents to Lola, 14. Following the birth, Lucy managed to snap back to her pre-baby figure, and she has been showing off her physique in some figure hugging outfits. So how did she do it?

Lucy Pargeter weight loss: The Emmerdale star reveals secret behind her post-baby body

Speaking in an interview, the actress revealed the secret behind her weight loss, admitting she found it difficult to eat as much due to being busy with her daughters.

She also praised her twin girls for helping keep her in shape.

She said: “I don’t have time to eat! It gets to 7pm and I realise I’ve just picked off the kids’ plates all day. My arms have become toned from picking up the babies – one on each side is quite the workout.”

Despite snapping back quickly, Lucy revealed that there are still some areas of her body she’d like to change.

She continued: “Of course there are a few things I’d change about my body, but I don’t have time to care. Honestly, I don’t give a sh*t how much I weigh. Maybe I’d care more if I was out and about, but these days I spend a lot more time at home.”

Like Lucy, Hollyoaks actress Chelsee Healey managed to bounce back to her post-baby figure, after welcoming her daughter Coco in 2017.

The petite star, 31, who plays Goldie McQueen on the Channel 4 soap, lost two stone after giving birth.

Speaking in an interview with The Sun, she said: “I’m lucky, I’ve snapped back. I haven’t stopped eating but I’ve just lost the two stone I gained.”

Although Chelsee hasn’t cut down on her portion sizes, she recently revealed she’d started eating healthier after becoming a mum.

Now, the 31-year-old drinks lots of green tea and water, which have both been proven to aid weight loss.

Taking to Instagram, she revealed:“After Coco arrived my appetite is nowhere near as big, I also eat much healthier and swear by green tea and litres of water everyday.”

“I’d say I’m the smallest I’ve ever been in my life but the most happiest and content I guess I’ve ever been, not because I’ve lost the weight but just appreciating myself and my body much more realising how amazing a woman’s body is.”

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