Mark Allen weight loss: What snooker player cut down on that ‘helped’ him lose four stone

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Professional snooker player Mark Allen, opened up on his incredible weight loss journey inspired by his colleague Ronnie O’Sullivan. By overhauling his lifestyle and shedding four stone, he’s got his sights set on reclaiming his spot among the sport’s elite.

But how did he do it?

In a recent interview, he explained just what he did in order to shed the weight quickly.

“I’ve lost almost four stone and hopefully that continues,” he said.

“I’d been thinking about it for a long time. I’ve been on diets in the past, but have fallen off the wagon.”

But cutting back on calories has been a challenge, as he added: “Just really, really watching what I’m eating.

“Cut down portions, just really retraining my brain, get in a different mindset and hardly eating anything.

“It’s coming up on four stone I’ve lost, so we’re going in the right direction, but I’d love to get another couple of stone off before the British Open, that would be great.

“I’ve been trying hard, it’s been tough, a lot harder than I thought it would be, but it’s something I’ve been needing to do.”

Despite going on a strict diet to change his eating habits, Mark also ditched something else that is renowned for helping people gain weight.

He said: “I’ve not really drunk much either. I’ve only had about one or two drinks since the World Championship and that’s helped as well.”

Alcohol has been found to cause weight gain in four different ways:

Stops the body burning fat

High in calories

Can increase hunger

Can lead to poor food choices

Many alcoholic drinks contain arounds seven calories per gram.

So if a person was to drink within the Government guidelines of up to 14 units per week, they will have consumed almost 3,000 extra calories if choosing the highest calorie drinks.

But not only has his weight drop made him feel better in himself, he also has another move to get fit.

“I don’t think there’s any coincidence that the players winning a lot of tournaments keep themselves in great shape,” he said.

“It’s well documented how much time Ronnie spends in the gym and running.

“John did incredibly well last year and it helped him on the table as well.”

Four-time world champion John Higgins, also revealed he lost four stone last season.

He dropped the pounds through a gruelling spinning regime, which can be challenging but very “effective” for weight loss.

Fitness expert Will Torres, revealed: “An average spin class burns between 400 and 600 calories.

“Spin three times a week and you torch up to 1,800 calories, but a pound of fat is equivalent to 3,500 calories.”

John went on to reach five finals and Mark hopes it’ll give him that same boost.

“Hopefully it does the same for me because I still have a burning desire to win tournaments,” he told Metro.

“If I didn’t have that then I wouldn’t still be playing.”

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