Mark Labbett weight loss: Star lost 10st by cutting down on 1 thing he misses ‘so much’

Mark Labbett apologises for late running gig

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Mark Labbett is famous for being a quizzer and TV personality. Towering over most at 6’6, he is difficult to ignore. His weight loss transformation has certainly been one to watch.

Mark started on the British favourite show The Chase in 2009.

He is fondly known as The Beast, both for his statue and surname (la bête means “the beast” in French).

At his heaviest, he weighed a whopping 29 stone.

His dramatic weight loss transformation saw him drop 10 stone.

He told Loose Women in March: “I gradually dropped Xs off my size, from 5XL to 4XL, and it looks like the next time I go shopping I’ll be able to squeeze into XL pants.”

He recognised this milestone victory.

He added: “Small things but important things.”

In conversation with the Loose Women panel, Mark explained that he weighed in at 29 stone in his last year of full-time teaching in 2003.


The star admitted that at this time he was “on the verge of getting high blood pressure pills”.

His weight mainly stayed at around 25-26 stone “up until just before the lockdown”.

Mark credited the lockdown to his transformation: “Several factors came together nicely and the weight has just fallen off.

“The principal thing has been running after a hyperactive three year old in lockdown when the nurseries were shut.”

This incredibly hands-on time for parents tired him out.

He admitted: “Instead of going to the fridge for a bit of late night snacking all I could do was just collapse on a heap on the bed.”

Previously having Covid also meant Mark lost his sense of taste and smell for two weeks, which he believes catalysed his weight loss journey.

He now sticks to a high-protein diet, as opposed to “pub meals with onion rings and garlic bread”.

He revealed: “I’m missing pub meals so, so much.”

“Much as I love chips and other carbs, I’m having quite a bit less than I used to.”

He also stopped eating so much sugar, which used to be his “downfall”.

He added: “It’s a cycle; you’re less hungry, so you eat less and you lose weight, so you’re not as hungry.”

Mark Labbett’s weight loss was at a perfect time, as obese people are more likely to experience complications if they contract Covid.

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