Menopause: How to lose weight – not diet or exercise, just one lifestyle change

Pippa Campbell: Nutritionist introduces herself

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There are many factors that can contribute to weight gain before, during and after menopause, and understanding them is beneficial for anyone looking to lose weight. spoke to Pippa Campbell, a nutritionist and metabolic balance coach about stress and how it can hinder someone’s weight loss efforts. 

Firstly, Pippa explained how stress directly impacts the organs which are used for weight loss. 

She explained: “When we’re we’re super stressed whether that’s stress from over-exercising and diet, divorce, boss, whatever, our body goes into panic. 

“Imagine it as we’re killing a tiger or running away from a tiger. 

“So we are that’s our flight. That’s our fight or flight response. 

“So when we are in that state, our body is not going to prioritise fat burn. 

“Well, why would it – we’re about to get killed,” she remarked. 

“Everything shuts down, gut, hormones, everything’s just shutting down because the most important thing is pushing sugar into the cells so we can run. 

“So when we are stressed, super stressed out, it’s going to affect insulin. 

“We can have high blood sugars, insulin resistance, which can lead to weight gain.” 

Many people look to decreasing their calorie consumption and increasing their exercise to help them lose weight. 

Pippa said: “It’s really important for people women to realise that exercise is good but over-exercising is not a good thing. 

“Diet always comes first, and I think people can then build in their exercise. Don’t go from zero to 100. 

“But if they’re thinking that they can out-exercise a bad diet, I’d be looking at their diet first.” 

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In terms of a good diet, Pippa said to “focus on the nutrition”. 

“I’m not saying calories don’t count [but] portion control is super important. 

“What I want people to be thinking about is the nutrition in your food; think about protein, thinking about ‘is half your plate filled with vegetables?’” 

Following this, Pippa then suggested looking at the physical effects of a good, nutritious diet, for example, clearer skin, or more energy. 

About Pippa Campbell Health 

Speaking about her company and how it can help someone, Pippa said: “We have various plans. As a new client that various ways [to book in with us].

“So either people can book in and they perhaps don’t know what they want, or they just want a one to one and then be guided where to go next. And that would be a new client consultation with one of our practitioners.

“Then specifically for weight loss, we have a three-month programme, which is all singing, all dancing, one of the most bespoke weight loss programmes, [as] it’s based on blood tests, and also DNA testing.” 

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