Menopause: Top foods to shed fat and ‘dramatically’ improve health – including dessert

The Natural Beauty Show discuss menopause

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Perimenopause is an inflammatory event, and chronic inflammation in the body can also be associated with weight gain. Dr Mary Claire took to TikTok to share the top foods to avoid – and others to stock up on – to reduce inflammation.

Dr Mary Claire, who calls herself a Menopause Warrior, shared a list of popular foods perimenopausal women should avoid or at least cut down on.

White bread made the list of inflammatory foods to be aware of.

Instead, wholemeal loaves have more nutritional value as they are richer in fibre.

Next up was goodies such as pastries and cookies.

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These snacks are super easy to reach for during pangs of huger or even boredom, but are next to useless in the fight against inflammation.

Reaching for fruits and nuts when feeling peckish is healthier option with less calories.

Chips are also considered to be pro-inflammatory, so going for non fried options such as baked or new potatoes may be a healthier alternative.

In a similar vein, processed goodies such as chicken nuggets and hot dogs should be minimised.

As for liquids, fizzy drinks are also considered to be inflammatory, in addition to sweat teas.

Staying hydrated with plenty of water can help to reduce inflammation.

Margarine is also an inflammatory food, according to the doctor, as are artificial sweeteners.

Dr Mary Claire also shared her top anti-inflammatory foods.

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Tomatoes and leafy green vegetables rank highly, according to the doctor.

Olive oil and nuts also work to reduce inflammation in the body.

High protein, high Omega3 foods such as salmon and tuna are also excellent inflammation fighters.

Instead of reaching for a cake or pastry for dessert, Dr Mary Claire recommended two other delicious – but healthy – dessert options, berries and dark chocolate.

As for liquids, the expert suggested that coffee can be beneficial.

In another video, the menopause warrior outlined a few more anti-inflammatory foods, as well as their benefits.

Carrot, cucumber, oranges, plain yoghurt and everyone’s favourite, avocado, are also “powerful inflammation fighters”.

“Eating more of those [anti-inflammatory foods] and less of those [pro-inflammatory foods] will actually improve your health dramatically.

“Not only will you lose weight but also your blood pressure, your sleep, your risk of cancer and everything else will get better.”

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