Michael Mosley shares ‘healthiest diet on the planet’ for maintaining ideal weight

Dr Michael Mosley's radical new dieting approach

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Dr Michael Mosley has many diets under his belt, the Keto diet, Fast 800, intermittent fasting and most recently, Fast 800 Keto. Here’s how dieters can lose weight rapidly with this new slimming hack.

Dr Michael described the new diet as an “accelerated” and “in many ways, easier” version of the original Keto diet.

“The reason it’s called Keto is that it puts you in a state of ketosis. You cut your carbs right down to less than 50g per day, and that means you switch from burning sugar to burning fat.”

This means that participants must cut out staple foods such as rice, bread, potatoes and pasta.

Instead, they can enjoy alternatives such as cauliflower rice, “which is incredibly low in carbs but incredible rich in other nutrients”.

In a study by Oxford University, slimmers trialling the Keto diet for just eight weeks lost around 10kg, as well as improving their blood sugars.

This weight loss method is super effective and has lots of benefits, just two being the “suppression of hunger” and “preservation of muscle mass”.

The latter is extremely important, especially when getting older.

The Keto diet helps slimmers with rapid weight loss, so some may ask, ‘Why fix something that isn’t broken?’

The truth is that while the Keto diet is fantastic short term, with Dr Michael himself losing 4kg in just two weeks, he claimed it cannot be maintained forever.

This is where Fast 800 Keto comes in.

“Then you transfer to intermittent fasting, where you just do it for a couple of days per week, and then you move over to what I call ‘a way of life,'” he told Studio 10.

While many stay on Keto diets long-term, such as those with Type 2 diabetes, Dr Michael’s prescribed “way of life” is a Mediterranean diet.

He said: “It’s better to eat a less restrictive diet in the long term.”

The Mediterranean diet is “full of all sorts of healthy ingredients like oily fish, olive oil and the occasional glass of red wine”.

“It’s more sustainable and seen very widely as the healthiest diet on the planet.”

But even when dieters do incorporate carbs back into their lives after the keto diet, they must be mindful of the “good” and “bad” kinds.

Dr Michael explained: “Good carbs are things you can find in vegetables, legumes, kidney beans, brown rice and things with fibre in.

The good carbs generally come attached to fibre, which “keeps you full and absorbs sugar”.

On the other hand, “bad carbs” are usually processed, manufactured and “come in bright packages”, according to the expert.

“They are things with almost no fibre at all: sweets, fizzy drinks, things like that.”

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