Michael Mosley warns what people are ‘getting wrong’ about dieting – ‘be better off!’

Rapid weight loss 'becoming much more accepted' says Mosley

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When it comes to losing weight there are hundreds of dieting techniques out there with conflicting information about how to drop the pounds quickly. But Dr Michael Mosley revealed that he’s learned that the fastest and most “effective” way to lose weight is by doing it rapidly.

A common trap people fall into is trying fad diets but they are known for being unsustainable.

This, therefore, gives rapid weight loss diet plans a bad name.

But Dr Mosley revealed if done properly, it will be “more effective” for shedding weight in the long-run.

During an appearance on Studio 10 in 2019, he was asked what people are “getting wrong” when it comes to dieting.

He replied: “The idea was you need to lose weight slowly and steadily and that’s been the mantra for many years.

“But actually what the scientists have been telling me for some time now is that you can be better off doing a rapid weight loss diet – doing 800 calories a day.”

He referenced two big UK studies that examined this with groups of more than 300 people.

One group was allocated a rapid weight loss diet and the other on a normal slower paced one.

“It was those that did the rapid weight loss that lost the most weight – 10kg sustained over two years.

“The other lot didn’t lose much weight and they put it on again,” he explained. “So it turns what you believe on its head.

“There’s another big study out of Oxford that says that and an even bigger study coming out of Australia that will say that.”

Dr Mosley went on to claim it has been “undoubtedly” proven to work but noted: “You have to eat properly.

“The problem with some of the diet which were done in the past is that they were kind of crazy,” he added of fad, quick-fix diets, such as the cabbage diet.

“What you need to do is have a balanced diet, enough nutrients, enough protein in particular,” he said.

“Otherwise your body will suck the protein out of your muscle.”

The British TV star also revealed other ways people can lose weight fast that they might not have considered “crucial”.

Dr Mosley said: “If there’s one mistake people make when trying to lose weight, it’s just winging it and hoping for the best.

“It’s all about preparation, and it’s also about knowing why you’re doing it.

“What’s your motivation? That, above all, is one of the most important things – write it down, think about it, and when you face your temptations, which we all do, you’ll know it’s not worth [giving in].”

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