Perimenopause: ‘Number one’ weight loss tip that has nothing to do with counting calories

GP talks about the impact of the menopause on weight gain

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Women often gain weight unexpectedly during perimenopause due to a range of hormonal factors – but that doesn’t mean the fat is here to stay. Liz Blom, a perimenopause dietician, uses TikTok to share her expertise on this tricky time. In one video she offered her number one tip for shedding fat effectively.

Taking to the social media platform, she asked: “You want to know the number one thing I recommend for losing weight in perimenopause?”

She went on to provide a tip that doesn’t require any money, calorie counting or hours spent in the gym.

“It’s food journalling,” she added.

“I know no one likes it but I will say it’s been proven to double your results.”

This encourages slimmers to look more mindfully and honestly about how they are feeding themselves.

Plus, it provides a reminder: “I sure as ‘can’t remember what I had for lunch so how am I going to know how to lose weight if I don’t know what the h I’m eating?'”, she said.

This habit encourages dieters to hold themselves accountable, as well as allowing them to track bad habits.

If they include the times that they eat and their triggers for overeating in the diary, this can also improve slimmers’ understanding of their relationship with food.

In another useful video, Liz told her nearly 20,000 followers the three most common weight loss mistakes for perimenopausal women.

The first mistake is failing to “count liquid calories”.

While slimmers may be quick to count the calories of a burger or pizza, they may forget to count the calories in milk, fizzy drinks or fruit juice.

Slimmers may be pouring themselves several drinks throughout the day and not even realising.

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The second mistake Liz outlined is and easy and tempting one.

This is “eating from the container while watching TV”.

Mindlessly eating during a TV show or film is not necessarily about being hungry but rather occupying ourselves.

Plus, TV viewing is often associated with snacks such as salted popcorn, crisps and ice cream, rather than nutritious veggies or fruits.

Also, this habit does not encourage portion control.

The third weight loss mistake was “finishing meals during clean-up”.

This may mean reaching for a packet of crisps while doing the dishes or picking at leftovers well after everyone has gotten up from the dinner table.

Slimmers should avoid this as this kind of eating is much more about boredom than hunger.

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