Queen and Princess Anne’s diet secret to looking radiant at 95 and 71

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Despite having access to the best chefs in the world to prepare anything they want, when they want, Queen Elizabeth, 95, and Princess Anne, 71, both prefer simple, traditional food. In fact, the royal mother and daughter both favour one particular fish for breakfast, which is packed full of nutrients and contributes to health and longeviety. 

Both the Queen and Princess Anne are notoriously private about their personal lives, despite them both being active royals when it comes to public engagements. 

The two female royals have both led active lifestyles – mainly because of their shared passion for horses.

While exercise plays an important part in their health, both eat nutrient-rich diets. 

Royal fans already know that Princess Anne likes to kickstart her day with fruit – in particular extremely ripe banans – but she is also fond of smoked kippers, just like the Queen. 

Princess Anne’s love of the salty-fish was revaeled by a complimentary letter she previously sent to Fortune Kippers, a 140-year-old company based in Whitby, Yorkshire.

The company’s website reveals the accolade the Princess Royal gave them: “Members of the Royal Family have also been known to enjoy our kippers and HRH the Princess Anne has written to Barry and Derek telling them how much she enjoys their kippers.” 

Kippers are a salty, oily fish, that are most commonly eaten at breakfast time. 

Eggs usually accompany them, but they can be served on their own. 

They also make a great lunch alternative and can be served in a salad, or paired with a side of potatoes. 

As for where Princess Anne’s penchant for kippers comes from, perhaps she was introduced to them by her mother, Queen Elizabeth. 

The monarch’s favourite morning meal of kippers was revealed in Dinner at Buckingham Palace, a book based on the diaries and personal recollections of royal servant Charles Oliver. 

An extract explained how the Queen “has been partial to kippers since the war years” when she and Princess Margaret were at Windsor Castle.

The royal sisters were wandering around the castle when they came across a “compelling aroma”.

The anecdote added: “Fascinated, they traced the smell to its source and found themselves outside the private kitchen of Mrs Alice Bruce, then housekeeper at the castle. 

“Mrs Bruce gave the princesses their first taste of kipper, and showed them how to cook the fish as well.

“Kippers, in a number of uncomplicated variations, have remained a favourite with the Queen ever since – for breakfast, as a savoury or a late-night supper. 

“The queen is also fond of smoked haddock as a breakfast dish.”

When it comes to nutrition, kippers are low in calories, high in protein and packed with omega-3 fatty acids. 

They are also a rich source of vitamin D which help teeth, bones, hair, and skin grow stronger. 

Kippers with eggs – Florentine-style 

Delicious Magazine’s recipe serves two and takes just 10 minutes to make. 


Two eggs

Two smoked kippers 

225g baby leaf spinach 

Lemon wedge and crusty bread to serve 


1. Fill a deep, wide frying pan with boiling water, place over a high heat and bring to a simmer. Reduce the heat, swirl the water rapidly using a spoon and drop in two eggs, one at a time – the swirling water will help the egg white wrap around the yolk.

2. Poach the eggs for two to three minutes or until the whites are set but the yolks are still runny. Remove with a slotted spoon and drain on kitchen paper.

3. Add the smoked kippers to the simmering water and heat through for two minutes. Transfer to kitchen paper to drain. Meanwhile, pierce a bag of baby leaf spinach a few times and microwave on high for one to two minutes, until just wilted.

4. Tip into a bowl, season and divide between two plates. Rest the kippers on the spinach, top each with a poached egg and season. Serve with lemon wedges and crusty bread to mop up the yolk, if you like.

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