Rebel Wilson weight loss: Rebel’s PT on best workout plan – tips to ‘stay motivated’

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Weight loss goals can be achieved with a good diet and exercise regime. Rebel Wilson’s personal trainer Jono Castano has detailed his advice and his own fitness plan. What is it like?

Rebel Wilson recently slimmed down after branding 2020 her “year of health”.

Since then, she has shared some updates from her workouts in the gym, including with personal trainer Jono Castano.

The expert shared tips with for those hoping to get started with fitness.

Before beginning any workout, the PT stressed the importance of warming up property.

He said: “Remember to always warm up. Warming up mentally and physically prepares you for the workout ahead and also avoids the risk of injury.”

It is also key to mix up workouts to help stay motivated.

He added: “Having variety in training will first and foremost keep you motivated as you won’t get bored of the same training.

“Secondly, give your muscles time to rest by not doing the same type of training every day. Find a few different styles of training you enjoy and set out a weekly routine.”

Those hoping to stay fit don’t need to spend hours working out, and Jono suggested just 45 minutes could do the trick.

“I’m a big believer in moving every day, that’s why I preach 45 daily,” he continued.

“Forty-five minutes of exercise a day will get your blood flowing, is great for mental health and an added benefit is burning extra calories.

“It doesn’t always have to be an intense sweat session, even if it’s just a walk, it will keep you motivated as you showed up and accomplished something for the day.”

Jono incorporated these fitness tips into creating his own transformation programme.

Available on live-streaming platform LiveNow, tried it out.

Jono Castano six-week Body Transformation programme

What is it like?

The plan consists of three workouts a week for a six week duration.

The first workout of the week focused on the upper body, which was mainly arms and abs.

The second had a focus on the lower body and the third workout combined full body moves.

The videos were uploaded to the app each week and could be done on demand.

Each video lasted for around 45 minutes long and was formed of high intensity circuits.

The plan was designed to do from home and consisted of bodyweight moves such as squats, lunges, burpees, push ups and sit-ups.

For those who have dumbbells to hand, these could be incorporated to make the moves more challenging.

When doing each workout, there was a mix of moves, with the focus being on resistance exercises.

Each workout varied in difficulty with some definitely feeling more challenging than others.

During the plan, using the right form and doing moves properly was key.

This made it feel easier to achieve results effectively and notice improvements week on week.

The plan also came with helpful live check-ins with Jono which took place on a Sunday.

During these, those taking part had the opportunity to ask questions about the plan, as well as other fitness tips.

Good nutrition is also vital when going through a lifestyle transformation.

New recipes were regularly sent to those taking part to encourage healthy eating with the exercise regime.

Jono’s six-week Body Transformation programme is still available to purchase online via the LIVENow Fitness platform. Price £35

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