Slimmer loses whopping 12 stone by changing fitness routine – ‘burns 600 calories’

Expert explains why enjoying exercise is important

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When hairdresser Tracey Hewitt, decided to begin her journey to a healthier her, she had no idea just how much fun she’d have doing it. The mum-of-one topped the scales at a whopping 23 stone and 10 pounds at her heaviest, but committed to shedding the weight for her baby daughter and late mother.

Over the course of four years, Tracey dropped over 12 stone.

But how did she do it?

“I was coming home from work and falling asleep instantly,” Tracey recalled.

“I was just so tired all the time.”

And her weight caused concern among her doctors, and they advised Tracey that she should lose at least 10 pounds.

“I went to a doctor and she said my weight was making it difficult for me to breathe,” she admitted.

Looking back, Tracey now recognises that her issues surrounding her weight was down to a misunderstanding of nutrition and fitness.

“I honestly didn’t realise I was where I was,” she said.

“I was swimming every week and my job meant I was on my feet all the time… I thought I was active.”

But while she was taking part in regular aerobic activity, food appeared to be the issue.

“It was my portion sizes that were the biggest problem,” Tracey explained.

“I never had a sweet tooth but I was piling my dinners onto my plate.”

Tracey’s mum also noticed that her weight was impacting her life and her ability to raise her child, and convinced her to take losing weight seriously.

Sadly three weeks later, she passed away suddenly leaving Tracey devastated but motivated, too.

“I thought about giving up,” Tracey admitted.

“But I knew I had to get myself healthy for both my baby girl and my mum.”

Over the course of the next four years, Tracey dropped over 12 stone, going from a size 28 to a size 12.

And it’s all thanks to a fitness class with a bit of a twist.

Clubbercise classes recreate a night out clubbing, but have amazing benefits for people’s health.

The class is a cardio workout set to a soundtrack of club anthems, from 90s classics to the latest hits.

The easy-to-follow routines are a fusion of dance, toning and combat with high and low impact options to suit all fitness levels and just a one hour class burns around 600 calories.

levels and just a one hour class burns around 600 calories.

“When I first started I couldn’t even lift my feet up properly – I went on my own and just stood at the back,” Tracye replaced.

“The coach, Alicia, was so kind to me, she put me on a nutrition course and helped me gain confidence.

“I’m so much mentally and physically tougher now, I stay behind for extra classes all the time!”

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