Slimmer lost a remarkable six stone with this plan – what did she eat?

For those hoping to lose a few pounds, a diet plan can help kick start the journey. One woman recently shed an incredible amount of weight, dropping from 17st 9lb to a trim 11st 6lb. Initially losing weight for the sake of her children, the mother-of-two changed her diet plan.


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When, Susanne Coles, 34, from Merseyside, was young, she managed to keep a slim frame.

However, the weight started to creep on when she spent a year abroad in Ibiza.

She said: “I went to Ibiza one year a size 8, and went back the following year a size 18. I hadn’t even realised I had put weight on.

“It was as though I’d gone to bed one size and woken up bigger. Before I knew it, I was a size 24 and I weighed 17st 9lb.”

After returning to the UK, Susanne struggled to beat unhealthy habits and ballooned to a size 24 and 17st 9lb.

Her diet of convenience food and energy drinks meant the number on the scales kept going up.

She said: “Both at college and later on when I was working in a call centre, if I didn’t eat at home I was living off convenience food and grabbing at snacks like crisps and chocolate.

“I decided to lose weight when my former husband – and Daniel and Rebecca’s dad – and I got married in November 2008.

“I managed to lose three stones then with a slimming group, but I thought after the wedding I could continue to lose it on my own. And I couldn’t. It all went straight back on – and more.”

Struggling to stay slim, Susanne soon resorted back to unhealthy habits and gained back the weight she had lost.

Breakfast was a McDonald’s sausage and egg McMuffin meal with a ‘full fat’ coke and a hash brown followed by crisps and chocolate for snacks.

She added: “For lunch, I’d have a sandwich with anything on white bread, followed by more crisps, another chocolate bar and a Red Bull.

“Then going home on the bus I’d have more crisps and chocolate, if only to relieve the boredom of the journey.


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“If I was at home to eat I would have a proper cooked meal, otherwise I would have three sausages, chips and gravy from the chippy with full-fat coke.”

However, she decided to change her lifestyle for the sake of her two young children.

“I didn’t want to be the fat mum at the school gates,” Susanne explained. “I didn’t want to embarrass Daniel and Rebecca – kids can be cruel.”

Signing up for her local slimming club, she changed her diet plan and the weight started to fall off.

The slimmer swapped unhealthy convenience food for a breakfast of fruit and poached eggs or an omelette.

For lunch, Susanne would tuck into soup or frittata and she would snack on fruit to keep her feeling full.

By following the diet plan, she shrunk down to a trim size 10 to 12 and 11st 6lb.

She said: “I’m now a size 10 to 12, and the family and I had our first proper holiday this summer and I wore a bikini with confidence. I’m still not perfect but losing weight has been so liberating.

“Life is not about beating yourself up about past mistakes or holding on to bad things that have happened to you. It’s about looking forward, letting go – and enjoying it!”

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