‘Still eat your favourite foods’: Expert shares simple diet plan to help you burn fat

Animal meat is a ‘healthy protein source’ claims expert

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There are many popular weight loss diet plans on the market, from intermittent fasting to the keto diet. With so much to choose from, it is not always easy to know where to start.

Diets plans can restrict everything from the times of day in which slimmers eat to how much fat, carbs and protein they are consuming.

While it can be difficult to know which is best, an expert explained why picking a particular plan may not be necessary.

Instead, dieters can follow a few basic principles.

Speaking to Express.co.uk, Harry Smith, PT at Snap Fitness Bishop’s Stortford and MNU Certified Nutritionist shared his advice.

He stated: “There is no best diet for weight loss.

“Just best principles that suit the individual person.

“As a generalisation, these principles will need to be in place in order for a person to lose weight effectively.”

So, what should you do?

Harry continued: ““Firstly, a caloric deficit [is needed].

“You need to be consuming less calories than you expend.

“The best way to know this is to eat based on the below principles and monitor your body weight weekly as well as tape measurements, if they’re decreasing you’re in a caloric deficit.

“Also, you need to be able to stick with the diet for the long term.”

No matter what diet plan is preferred, most focus on reducing calories.

Creating a calorie deficit is often described as a Calories In Calories Out diet.

To follow this, dieters can track how many calories they are eating in a day.

It is also important to be aware of how many calories are burned each day through various activities and exercises.

If tracking calories, Harry suggested no foods are off limits.

The expert continued: “All foods can be consumed when trying to slim down.

“There are no fattening foods. All my clients enjoy all their favourite foods like chocolate and beer when they lose weight.

“Obviously this is in some moderation, but you can still eat and drink your favourite foods and lose weight so long as you are consistently in a caloric deficit.”

If focussing on food groups, however, the expert suggested opting for high protein meals.

“I’d advise you consume mostly high protein foods from dairy, fish and meat sources,” Harry said.

“Also, whole non-processed foods like fruits, vegetables, grains and legumes.”

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