Top fitness trends of 2022: Best exercises to look and feel ‘great’ this year

Sting demonstrates 'perpetual crunch' exercise on TikTok

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Working out is not a one-size-fits-all approach, and there are plenty of ways to lose weight and get fit in 2022. Matt Flanagan, CEO of E-BIKES Direct, the UK’s largest provider of electric bikes, spoke to about the top 10 fitness trends of 2022.

According to Google trends, searches for “low intensity exercise” saw a 9,900 percent uplift since the end of 2021.

Matt stated: “Low intensity exercise is great for those who are getting back into exercise after a long break or those who are just getting started in their fitness journey.”

In which case, exercises such as jogging, cycling at a steady pace, and yoga are all great to try.

He added: “Low intensity workouts are also good for those who are recovering from tougher workouts but still need to remain active, while reducing their risk of injury.”

The phrase “fitness technology” also saw a 9,900 percent increase.

“In the past decade or so, technology has well and truly become a part of our everyday lives and incorporating this into our fitness regimes is a no-brainer.

“Whether it’s wearable technology, such as a health and fitness trackers, or electric bikes which allow users to travel further, technology can help boost workouts and offers users more knowledge about their own fitness levels.”

According to the World Economic Forum, fitness app downloads increased by over 50 percent when the pandemic began, reported Matt.

When gyms and fitness classes came to a grounding halt, people turned to their phones for the same fitness fix.

Another result of the pandemic is that people want to “make their mental wellbeing a priority”.

“Feel good workout” searches saw a 9,900 percent jump, and while most workouts release endorphins, there are some in particular “which are proven to significantly boost moods”.

For those who are hoping to get fit and happy in 2022, alternating between cycling and yoga sessions is the way to go.

And in a world where Covid still has a very dominant presence, getting outside to exercise can only be a positive thing.

“Mini workouts” saw a 9,800 percent Google search surge, and are perfect for busy people on the go, or those who cannot block out an hour for exercise.

“Typically taking around five to 10 minutes, mini workouts can be spread out throughout the day and can involve anything from a quick yoga stretch to begin the day to a high intensity cardio session to help keep you motivated while working from home.”

Much like mood boosting workouts, “mindful exercise” has also been popularised, seeing a 9,300 percent increase.

The “ever-growing” trend focuses on “mental wellbeing over exercise”.

Matt stated: “Workouts which are known for reducing anxiety and stress, such as yoga, Tai chi and Pilates, have seen a huge increase in popularity since the pandemic began.

“With stress levels at an all time high, due to the instability and uncertainty which the pandemic has brought, many are incorporating their mental health into their fitness regimes.”

Many are hoping to relive their childhoods in 2022, as “trampoline workout” has soared by 8,900 percent.

The “high intensity yet incredibly fun” workout has many benefits: not only does it boost cardiovascular health and relieve stress and tension, it’s excellent for toning, balance and coordination.

Google trends has also seen a 8,200 percent uplift in searches for “exercising outdoors”, suggesting that people want to soak up as much Vitamin D the UK offers in 2022.

Matt stated: “There is a vast amount of evidence which shows that exercising outdoors is not only proven to help enhance your workout, but also boost your mental wellbeing.

“As little as 30 minutes spent in nature leads to reduced stress and anxiety levels and even enhanced performance and stamina.”

Searches for “electric bikes” have seen a 1,624.5 percent increase, with many set to take up cycling this year.

A real lockdown hobby, Matt noted that E-Bikes “experienced a 400 percent rise in sales in the second half of 2021”.

Suitable for all abilities, “it varies in intensity, which means it can be an inclusive workout to participate in, as you don’t need a certain level of fitness before getting started.”

It’s also a great way to travel to work, as it helps people get lean whilst also reducing their carbon footprint.

Of course, many of these exercises are for those going solo, but what about those who want to make up for lost time with loved ones post-pandemic?

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Unsurprisingly, “group workout” saw a 230.23 percent uplift, suggesting that 2022 will be the year of the fitness class and partner work.

As well as being fun, exercising with others is also a fantastic way to hold oneself accountable, as nobody wants to let their workout buddy down.

There are plenty of options to choose from, such as boxing classes, running clubs and dance sessions.

Finally, “flexible gyms” saw a 111.2 percent increase, which is understandable as getting motivated to go to the gym is difficult after long periods of being closed.

Matt said: ““Although many people still enjoy going to the gym, the ability to have a flexible gym membership, which offers both the chance to visit the gym as well as workout at home is preferred.

“In circumstances where you would usually go to the gym but can’t, for example if you need to self-isolate, then you still have the ability to participate in online workouts.”

Fitness fiends and newbies alike have a plethora of popular exercises to choose from in 2022.

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