Vanessa Feltz lost 3st without ‘yo-yo dieting’ – pictures

Vanessa Feltz on getting a gastric bypass in 2019

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Vanessa Feltz has been open about her struggles with her weight, and is a self-proclaimed “yo-yo dieter”. How did she fight the fat for good and lose weight?

Speaking on This Morning in 2019, Vanessa revealed that she had some medical help losing weight.

While some are able to lose weight through changing their diet and exercise habits, others do not find this so easy.

Losing weight is a challenge, particularly those who struggle with yo-yo dieting – or shedding a lot of weight quickly before putting it on again just as quick.

The TV star revealed that while she would rather not have to discuss her weight loss with the world, she wanted to “be open about” about how she achieved it.

Vanessa had a gastric band fitted in 2010. The NHS describes this as a band that is placed around the stomach, creating a small pouch at the top.

“It takes less food to fill the pouch, so you do not need to eat as much before you feel full.”

And the band is tightened a few times to get the “ideal tightness” for the individual slimmer. However, Vanessa’s gastric band seemed to do her more harm than good. It slipped, leading to Vanessa waking up in the morning feeling like she was “drowning”.

The gastric band ended up embedded in her liver and caused a hiatus hernia which needed to be repaired. The star even ended up in intensive care.

She revealed that it was “all quite horrible and unexpected”, and ended up having the band removed.

But with the need to remove the band, Vanessa was faced with the problem of how she was going to keep the weight off.

Admitting she was a “lifelong yo-yo dieter”, a doctor told her to consider a gastric bypass for a long-term solution.

The NHS website describes the gastric bypass as follows: “A gastric bypass is where surgical staples are used to create a small pouch at the top of the stomach.

“The pouch is then connected to your small intestine, missing out (bypassing) the rest of the stomach.”

Vanessa was initially very anxious about the bypass as it requires an operation but was told that without it she would probably put the weight on again.

She was confronted with the decision to go it alone and possibly end up wanting the gastric bypass later down the line at a heavier weight – or just getting it done with the gastric band removal.

Her gastric bypass was a success, with Vanessa revealing that with this method she has lost “just under 3st”.

She spoke to This Morning about how this weight loss surgery has improved her life so far.

She stated: “I’ve lost just under 3st, so I’m absolutely loving that. What I’ve experienced is just feeling a bit less interested in food.

“I don’t mean that I never want to eat any food – it’s not like that – but I’m not thinking, ‘What can I have now?’ or ‘Give me something to eat’.”

With regards to weight loss surgery, she advised those considering it to not jump into it blindly and find the best NHS practitioner they can.

“But I feel a bit embarrassed when people say well done because it wasn’t me, it was the surgeon.”

Despite her enormous weight loss, Vanessa admitted that she wished she had been able to do it the natural way – “why couldn’t I say no to the piece of cake?”

However she got there, Vanessa is pleased to finally be a healthy weight, enjoying fashion once more and seeing a long future with her grandkids.

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