Weight loss diet plan: Best breakfast to burn fat could be a sweet chocolate treat

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A certain rather tasty breakfast could help with weight loss by burning fat, scientists have found. Could milk chocolate for breakfast help you lose weight?

A study has found that eating milk chocolate in the morning could help burn fat.

The experiment saw postmenopausal women eat chocolate at various different times of the day, the morning or the nighttime.

This was compared to eating no chocolate at all.

Scientists found the chocolate did not induce weight gain, and also that chocolate in the morning could help with weight loss.

The women in the study were able to eat freely besides the chocolate.

Despite having the extra sweet treat, none put on weight.

The women who ate the chocolate in the morning ate 300 less calories a day.

Those who ate it in the evening ate around 150 less calories a day.

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It is thought that eating sweet food in the morning decreased cravings later in the day.

Researchers at Brigham and Women’s Hospital and the University of Murcia in Spain found eating chocolate in the morning helped burn fat and reduce levels of sugar in the blood.

Eating the food at any time of day influenced hunger, appetite and sleep.

Frank A. J. L. Scheer, PhD, MSc, Neuroscientist, a co-author of the study, said: “Our findings highlight that not only ‘what’ but also ‘when’ we eat can impact physiological mechanisms involved in the regulation of body weight.”

Another co-author, Marta Garaulet, PhD, said: “Our volunteers did not gain weight despite increasing caloric intake.

“Our results show that chocolate reduced ad libitum energy intake, consistent with the observed reduction in hunger, appetite and the desire for sweets shown in previous studies.”

The 19 women consumed 100g of chocolate either an hour before bed or an hour after waking up.

One UK TV star has lost weight, showing the new looks off on her Instagram. 

Comedy star Daisy May Cooper’s weight loss has impressed fans. 

She credited a certain high fat diet.

In January this year, Daisy wrote to her Instagram followers: “Anyone else doing keto?

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