Weight loss diet plan: Woman lost 8 stone making two simple diet changes

Weight loss success story Hannah Day shared her motivational story online. She once was a UK size 24, but now enjoys a slimmer and healthier body.


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Weight loss guru Hannah day told Women’s Health how she managed to overhaul her lifestyle and her body.

The fitness expert lost over 8 stone and went from a US size 22 (UK 24) to a US 2 (UK 4).

She shrank down from 16.9 stone to a much slimmer 8.5 stone.

The dieter puts her weight loss down to two plans, Ultimate Portion Fix and Shakeology.

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The first helped her to work out how much of each food type she was able to eat while losing weight.

Shakeology is a type of superfood protein shake, which she eats in the mornings.

The mum advocated following a plan, and has said on her Instagram account: “For years I wanted to lose weight but I never had a plan so never started.

“I kept thinking ‘well I know I need to eat healthy and workout but I don’t even know where to start’.”

So, what does she eat now? ⁣

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Hannah’s daily weight loss diet

Breakfast: Shakeology drink and two eggs with avocado.

Snack: Almonds and raw vegetables such as broccoli, cauliflower, and bell peppers.

Lunch: Leftovers from dinner

Snack: A Beachbar and vegetables with hummus.

Dinner: Family dinners such as salsa chicken on a corn tortilla with brown rice, chicken tortilla soup, zucchini noodles with lean ground beef and pesto, turkey chili, and buffalo chicken zucchini boats.


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In another inspiring message, Hannah wrote: “I was weak when it came my food choices and how I was addicted to unhealthy foods. Getting up and down stairs was physically hard to do. I let others opinions of me become how I thought about myself. ⁣

⁣”Well that all changed almost 2 years ago. From what I thought was a way to ‘lose weight’ completely showed me how strong I am! Strength to say no to the foods that weren’t good for my body and to eat foods that fueled my body.

“Strength to go from not being able to do a jumping jack to now doing burpee bolts.

“Strength to keep going even when I wanted to stop. Strength to know my self worth has nothing to do what others may think!”

Another real life weight loss diet success story saw a woman lose six stone. 

Initially losing weight for the sake of her children, the mother-of-two changed her diet plan.

When, Susanne Coles, 34, from Merseyside, was young, she managed to keep a slim frame.

However, the weight started to creep on when she spent a year abroad in Ibiza.

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