Weight loss: Ditch fast-food habits for ‘fast and easy’ fakeaways

Fast food TV adverts to be banned before 9pm watershed

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A new study conducted by Ninja Kitchen UK has show that nearly half of Brits eat takeaways up to four times a week for convenience. Trying to fit home cooking into a busy schedule isn’t always easy their are ways for people to fall back in love with cooking with quick and easy “fakeaways” while not compromising on the delicious taste of an actual takeaway.

And not to mention doing so will save people money, too.

Their survey of 2,000 people found adults under 25 to be the biggest takeaway fans.

They spend on average a whopping £43 on takeaway meals from delivery services and fast-food outlets each week, which is up to £2,580 a year.

Since the return to the office after the national lockdowns, the fast pace of daily life has returned, leaving people less time to think about food.

The survey found that 38 percent of the respondents sometimes find cooking “too time-consuming”.

Jess Levy, SharkNinja Vice President of Marketing EU said: “It’s been fascinating to see what the nation’s fast-food habits are!

“Frequently eating fast food is clearly a habit that lots of people want to break, which is why we’re on a mission to prove that healthy cooking doesn’t have to be boring or time consuming.”

More than 28 percent felt they lack the cooking skills to cook proper meals themselves.

Many have swapped from conventional cooking methods to air fryers, which have grown in a popularity over the past couple of years.

With this in mind, Ninja Kitchen UK revealed they use up to 75 percent less fat than traditional frying methods, which can have a negative impact on a person’s weight.

And despite being undeniably tasty, the popular takeaway cuisines are a huge contributor to weight gain.

Almost 30 percent of people revealed that they are “conscious” of the weight gain that can result from eating takeaway food regularly.

With certain classics still a favourite of many across the nation, “fakeaways” can will help people prioritise their heath and keep a balanced diet without giving up their love for takeaway food.

Ninja Kitchen UK have partnered with professional chef and model Isaac Carew, for a pop-up event in order to introduce recipes that will help people prioritise their heath and keep a balanced diet without giving up their love for takeaway food.

From curries to kebabs to pizzas, their range of recipes are easy to follow, no matter the level of confidence in the kitchen.

Isaac said: “There’s nothing better than good food done well.

“I have always said that ‘dirty’ food doesn’t have to be unhealthy for you, which is why I love that Ninja is recreating fakeaways in the hope that they will encourage Brits to try something new in the kitchen.

“Food that’s better for you, saves money and doesn’t compromise on taste… what’s not to love?”

Ninja Kitchen UK are hosting a pop-up that will be open for walk ins at BOXPARK Shoreditch from midday on Saturday, 2 July.

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