Weight loss: How to stay fit over Christmas without sacrificing tasty food

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Weight loss is achieved through a calorie deficit, meaning burning more calories than the body is consuming. While Christmas is one of the hardest times of the year to stay on track, one expert, who trains the likes of Maya Jama, Alesha Dixon and Sabrina Elba, has shared how to stay on track this year.

There’s no secret when it comes to keeping fit and healthy.

In order to stay in shape, exercise and eating nutritious food is the best way to stay healthy.

However over the festive period, this can be hard with all the yummy food that is in the supermarkets.

Ciara London, Bulk Powders ambassador, has shared her top tips on how to stay healthy over Christmas.

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She said: “Christmas, as we all know, is one of the most difficult times of year to stay on track.

“So, this may seem like an obvious answer – but the easiest way to stay motivated in my opinion is to schedule regular workouts and do your hardest to show up to them.

“I know there’s been lockdowns and many people are sceptical about heading back to the gym, so my advice would be to really focus on body weight workouts that you can do from home, especially if it’s difficult to get a hold of equipment.

“HIIT is great for an equipment-free burn, as well as holds or pulses such as planks / squat holds and lunge pulses. Why not set yourself a personal goal?

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“One idea might be a daily plank for each of the 12 days of Christmas, or aiming for 100 sit-ups each week in December.

“Your core is a great area to focus on – most core exercises can be done with limited space on a mat or a rug in your living room. And if you’re short of weights – use water bottles or even tins of baked beans.”

While it may be hard to stay motivated to work out when the weather is dreary, Ciara recommends making exercising part of your daily routine.

The expert explained: “There’s no secret recipe to motivation. For me the simplest way to stay motivated and on track is to stop making your workouts an option.

“Instead make them part of your daily routine. It’s not, ‘Am I working out?’ It’s, ‘What time am I working out? Which workout do I fancy today? What’s my goal of the day?’

“And make sure you get a great playlist ready – music can make working out that much more motivating, and enjoyable.

“Alternatively, you could also try listening to your favourite podcast or watching your favourite TV show.

“Some people like to focus whilst working out, while others like distraction. Figure out which sort of person you are, what makes you tick. You might not feel like working out that day, but if you’re catching up on The Crown at the same time, it’s far less painful.”

Setting goals is important when it comes to staying motivated and it can also help you stay on track over the festive period.

After a workout, replenishing the body is extremely important in order to help the muscles recover.

Ciara added that protein is a super important aspect of exercising.

She said: “Within 10 minutes of working out I make my post-workout shake and I literally cannot function without it.

“The Bulk Powders Vegan Protein in banana caramel flavour is my favourite, but they have so many yummy flavours.”

As well as staying healthy over the festive period, it is also important to enjoy Christmas and not put too much pressure on keeping fit.

The expert explained: “Moderation is key, so make sure you spend your time off doing things that make you feel good and make time to enjoy yourself.

“Use your rest days as a chance to rest and recover and get plenty of sleep.

“After all, this is one of the most important ways to feel healthy and will provide you with the energy and enthusiasm you need for your next workout.

“Lastly, drink plenty of water between those well-deserved glasses of fizz.”

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