Weight loss: Woman drops 4 stone with ‘wonderful’ diet plan – ‘can’t believe the results’

Tom Kerridge discusses his 12 stone weight loss journey

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Amanda Clarke, 58, experienced high blood pressure and heart complications after weight gain. She had spent years eating the wrong foods, snacking and living an unhealthy lifestyle. But how did she manage to go from a size 14 to 18? 

Amanda explained: “I began to feel miserable and fed up.

“I felt depressed when I looked in the mirror and I didn’t like myself or what I saw.

“Friends and family used to say that I looked fine, but I knew my mental and physical health was taking a hit.

“I have a heart condition called left bundle branch block (LBBB) which was caused by my high blood pressure and being overweight.

“I also suffer with knee pain and was consistently getting out of breath going upstairs.

“I knew something needed to change to help alleviate all of these issues. All of these health concerns forced me to take action.”

Amanda said she had tried a few diets but “unfortunately none worked”.

The slimmer then found the 1:1 Diet and she has “never looked back!”, Amanda said.

She explained: “This fabulous journey with my wonderful consultant, Jenny Overington, has changed my life.

“I can’t believe the results!

“Jenny inspired me to stay on plan and as a result, I reached my goal weight in February 2021, losing three stone 13 pounds, and my life has improved immensely.

“My blood pressure and cholesterol are both excellent now following recent tests and my knee is significantly less painful!”

The 1:1 diet allows slimmers to choose a personal diet consultant who will help them create a plan and give them the products they need.

Dieters can pick from “a range of delicious meal replacement foods,” the website states.

Unlike other diets, the 1:1 Diet is unique in providing one-to-one consultant-led support.

The consultant helps to choose the right plan, and support them throughout the entire journey.

Amanda said: “I am now a lovely size 10/12 and have lost 38.5 inches.

“I feel so good about myself and have even inspired a few of my friends to embark on their own weight loss journeys.

“My whole mindset towards food has completely changed and I can’t thank Jenny enough for her continued support.”

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