Weight loss: Woman loses an astounding seven stone in 11 months with this diet plan

New diet plans seem to be released all the time so knowing which one will work best can be a challenge. Taking advice from those who have already lost weight can be a good way to get diet tips. The Reddit user, “Kree”, used social media to share her weight loss transformation of 6st 9lb. She explained a keto diet plan helped her shape up – what did she eat?

I count carbs in my head and stay under 20g net carbs a day.

Reddit user

Posting pictures of her before and after losing weight, the dieter revealed she is 5ft 7lb and 30-years-old.

“Kree” managed to slim down from a staggering 20st 2lb to a much healthier 13st 7lb.

What diet plan did she follow?

Opening up in the post, she explained her weight loss was down to following a version of the keto diet.

The diet plan involves eating foods high in fat, low in carbs and with a moderate protein content.

Keto-Friendly foods include meats, fish, nuts, avocados and eggs.

The Reddit user explained exactly what she ate to help her slim down in just 11 months.

She said: “For everyone asking – I count carbs in my head and stay under 20g net carbs a day.

“Don’t eat things that grow under the ground. Try to stick with products with less than 5g carbs per 100g of product.”

“Kree” also revealed her lifestyle change was mostly a result of diet although she did try to move more.

“I don’t exercise but I am more active,” she added.

One dieter managed to drop three stone by changing her diet and taking up running. 

When slimming down, following a diet plan can be the best way to stay on track and see results.

Using a plan high in protein and natural foods can help kick start the weight loss journey. 

Creating a calorie deficit will ensure slimmers are not eating too much and can slim down.

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