Woman sheds 4.7st with one diet change – ‘Best decision of my life’

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A woman’s body changes several times throughout her life but Doli Hiralal, 36 from North West London, felt she needed to actively alter her diet when she noticed she no longer enjoyed finding something to wear for a social event. As a result, she would find excuses to avoid doing things with others. Following an appointment with her doctor, Doli knew she needed to lose weight to get her health back on track. Over nine months, Doli lost 4.7 stone (30kg) and she explained the lifestyle changes she made with Express.co.uk. 

Doli said: “Pre my body transformation I had a very carb-heavy diet. I would typically eat whatever I felt like with little knowledge of Macro contents. 

“I would also rely on a lot of takeouts and easy meals. I had a lot of snacks, sweets, chocolates, and alcohol (socially).” 

Speaking about the moment she decided to change her lifestyle, Doli added: “A couple of key factors made me reconsider my diet and overall wellbeing. 

“All my clothes were tight, I no longer enjoyed dressing up, and would find myself making excuses to avoid socials. 

“My NHS doctor had also pointed out that my blood sugar levels were high putting me at risk of diabetes (and we have a family history of this which worried me). 

“I’d tried a number of fad diets which hadn’t worked. I ended up on a body transformation coach’s Instagram and booked a call. 24 hrs later, I’d signed up! 

“Nine months later 30kg down. Best decision I’ve made in my life, and I’ve sustained it!”

In addition to exercising, Doli had to change what she ate. She explained: “I was already a veggie and plant-based mainly.

“Working with body transformation coach made this easier for me as all my meal preps were planned initially. 

“As months progressed I grew an interest in food types, macros, and what suited me and my gut best. Plant-based was best for me, based on how my body reacted.” 

But, finding the time to prepare fresh, healthy meals was tricky for Doli. 

“Being healthy can be expensive at times. What’s worked for me is planning and batch cooking some of my meals,” she said. 

“Not only do I save financially but it keeps me on track and ensures I’m not tempted to make poor decisions when I’m tired after a long day at work!”

Changing your lifestyle habits can be a challenging process, but Doli was lucky enough to have her friends and family supporting her every step of the way. 

“The most challenging part was sticking to a plan, and actually having to make adjustments to socials,” Doli said. “I still went but made different choices with food and drink.

“It was hard to explain to people what I was doing and why, but I am truly blessed to have some fantastic people around me who understood and helped me!”

As for now, Doli said she feels the “best” she ever has. 

“I’m more confident and aware. I have more energy, I’m calmer and happier,” she added. 

“It took me a solid year to drop the weight, and then sustain it, but I believe in learning and growing every day, so my habits are evolving as I learn more. 

“It’s fantastic to see that my changes have had a ripple effect on those close to me, also taking their health and well-being in their hands!”

Doli also gave some advice to anyone else looking for a lifestyle change. She said: “Don’t take diet pills or follow fad diets. 

“There’s no point in guessing what will work. Invest in yourself and get professional help. You wouldn’t do your own root canal, you’d spend money on the treatment with a Dentist… this is no different. Get yourself a coach to help you get the results and sustain them for life!”

Doli shared her weight loss story with Plenish Drinks – the plant-based juice, smoothies and m*lk brand. 

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