Woman sheds 4st after being told she’d ‘be dead in 12 months’

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Fiona Foulder, 39 from Southport, suffers from brittle asthma – a term used to describe a severe form of the lung condition that causes breathing difficulties. She was told she could be dead in 12 months time if she didn’t lose weight. Fearing she wouldn’t watch her children grow up, she embarked on a weight loss journey and shed four stone. 

During her pregnancy with her second son, Fiona put on weight and ended up in intensive care with her asthma. 

For several years after, she regularly visited the hospital with her asthma and revealed she was on life support nine times. 

One way to bring her asthma under better control was to trial a new medication, but she was told she was too overweight to qualify. 

Fiona told Liverpool Echo: “I got referred to Wythenshawe in Manchester which is a lung specialist unit. It was said to me if I didn’t lose weight they didn’t think I’d be here in 12 months’ time.

“It was really traumatic. I think at that point in my life it was a real possibility that I wasn’t going to see my kids get to adulthood.”

Fiona also said her husband Mark, 41, was also struggling with his weight at the time, and they both feared their lives would be short-lived. 

Fiona tried to lose weight independently but was unsuccessful, so she joined Slimming World. 

“My mum encouraged me to go to Slimming World. I drove by a few times and didn’t go in,” she explained. 

“The time I did go in I was sat in the car and my mum literally had to say ‘come on get out of the car.’” 

At first, Fiona was “anxious and worried” but after she settled in, she realised everyone was “caring and warm”. 

Fiona lost “eight pounds in [her] first week” and this proved to her that longer term weight loss “was possible”. 

Fiona joined Slimming World in 2007 and has lost four stone, going from 15st 7lbs to 11st. 

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Following her successful weight loss, Fiona now helps others and works as a Slimming World consultant and Team Developer in Southport. 

The biggest success was not seeing the numbers on the scales decrease, but the fact Fiona was now eligible for the trial medication to help her asthma – which she said “has revolutionised my life.” 

She said: “I’ve gone from not being able to go very far because I physically couldn’t walk very far, I’d need someone to push me in a wheelchair, to living a normal life.” 

Fiona still has to visit the hospital occasionally, but they’re no longer for “intensive care visits”. 

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