Woman’s impressive transformation after losing 14 stone

Carolin’s weight loss transformation started with having gastric bypass surgery a couple of years ago after she realised she needed “drastic help”. A gastric bypass is a surgery that helps weight loss by restricting the amount of food in the stomach. Despite her young age, Carolin weighed over 28 stone and her “daily life was becoming extraordinarily difficult”.

She explained: “Standing or walking caused my back immense pain and I was really struggling with binge eating almost every day and feeling consumed by guilt and shame around my weight.

“So those things combined led me to making an appointment to speak to a bariatric surgeon.”

After her surgery, Carolin was able to start her journey from zero, and having the operation “allowed me to reset my body after over a decade of dieting and developing binge eating disorder”.

She lost 14 stone after the surgery by “changing my eating habits and making exercise a priority”.

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A post shared by Carolin (@carolin_rny)

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A post shared by Carolin (@carolin_rny)

On social media, she documented her incredible physical transformation: “I think my face has changed as a result of the weight loss, I haven’t done anything to my face outside of that!”

Exercising regularly, as well as following a varied and balanced meal plan and opting for healthy snacks, is key to losing weight, but some people may find it hard to slim down despite doing this.

A nutrition expert from Gya Labs explained that some of the reasons “you aren’t losing weight” include following a “too restrictive” diet as “while eliminating certain foods can help contribute to a daily calorie deficit, it is also guaranteed to trigger cravings”.

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The best option is to “allow yourself the smallest amount of this particular food or drink to ensure that your body does not feel deprived of anything”.

The diet could also be “too complicated”, and the expert recommended that a meal plan “must be simple enough to follow on a daily basis”.

Similarly, when a diet is too restrictive it will be unsustainable “because your body will quickly regain the weight it has lost”.

The expert explained that as a general rule, if a diet sounds too good to be true, it probably is, “so don’t fall for it”, and revealed what actually works.

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A post shared by Carolin (@carolin_rny)

They said: “Provided your diet of choice meets your caloric needs, it will have the desired effect. For example, if you eat fewer calories than you need, you will burn fat and lose weight; if you eat more calories than you need, you will gain weight.

“However, most people do not stick to their diet long enough for it to be effective in the long run. They start strong but quickly fall off the wagon and revert to their previous suboptimal eating plan.

“That’s why so many of us lose weight only to gain it back quickly, and it appears that long-term, sustainable weight loss is rare nowadays.”

After losing 14 stone, Carolin is now able to live her life “without feeling like I’m out of place in my own body”.

“I’m able to go into any clothing store and try things on that will fit and look good. I’m able to exercise and move my body in ways I’ve never been able to!

“I did an 11-mile hike last year and I never would have been able to do that before losing weight. I feel so much more confident, like I’m able to put myself out there more and be who I truly am without people judging me for being overweight,” she explained.

The slimmer revealed that she doesn’t binge eat anymore – “I’ve really worked hard on my food habits and changing how I eat to make sure I continue on this healthier path”.

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