World’s Strongest Men unveil ‘best way’ to get fit without going to gym – ‘worked for me’

World's Strongest Man bench presses BBC's Dan Walker

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Tom Stoltman won the 44th edition of World’s Strongest Man earlier this year in June. The 27 year old stands in at six feet eight inches and 384 lbs.


He is one half of the ‘world’s strongest brothers’, alongside big brother Luke Stoltman, who won Europe’s Strongest Man this year.

Tom and Luke Stoltman are living proof that you do not need a gym membership to get fit.

Speaking to LadBible, Tom said: “Living up in the Highlands, you’re limited to what you can have.”

He added: “We didn’t have any of the specialist equipment that most strongmen gyms have. You’d have to travel to Glasgow or even England to get the good equipment.”

The brothers used to spend time “looking in the woods” for “logs” to practise weight training.

While readers will probably not want to go foraging in the woods for gym equipment, they can get savvy with things they have at home.

Bicyling suggested using laundry detergent as a kettle bell, for those who do not wish to venture out of the house to work out.

More good news for readers, Tom does not exercise every day, as he feels that it is “counter-productive”.

He told LadBible: “I always have the weekends off just to chill and reset – that’s the best way it’s worked for me.”

Tom consumes a whopping 8,000 calories per day and 13,000 in the lead up to a Strongman competition.

He starts the day with 10 fried eggs, toast and sausages – before switching to healthier food for the rest of the day.

Eggs are a fantastic source of protein and incorporating eggs into your diet is a great way to lose weight.

(No need to eat 10 a day though.)

Brian Shaw, who came in second at the World’s Strongest Man this year, held the top spot in 2011, 2013, 2015 and 2016.

Rather than working out his whole body everyday, Brian focusses on certain body parts in each session.

Monday is leg day, Tuesday is for chest, shoulders and triceps, Thursday is for back and Saturday is for special Strongman training.

Like Tom, he takes days to rest his body and recover.

Brian consumes a lot of calories, and ensures he gets a source of protein and carbs in every meal.

He reportedly snacks on healthy berries throughout the day.

The Stoltman brothers and Brian Shaw both have YouTube channels where you can get an insight into their diet, exercise and competitions.

To get your heavy lifting fix tonight, catch The UK’s Strongest Man on Channel 5 from 7-8pm.

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