Amazon's Best-Selling Fire Starter Is on Sale—Just in Time for Memorial Day Grilling

I never truly appreciated the importance of fire until I went camping about three years ago. My roommate and I were shivering in front of a smokey pile of kindling as darkness enveloped us. We watched our neighbors’ fires blazing throughout the campsite, complaining about our empty stomachs while desperately fanning our logs. Just as we were prepared to eat cold hot dogs, a neighbor took pity and shared a light. I played Billy Joel’s “We Didn’t Start the Fire” on our drive back to New York City the next day.

Today, I’m a wiser woman. Campfire’s cool for warmth and light — but if I want to eat, I insist on charcoal. And the quickest way to get those briquettes burning? A chimney starter.

Eating healthy should still be delicious.

Using a chimney starter is incredibly simple: just pack the bottom of the metal cylinder with newspaper, top with coals, and light that paper. The rising heat ignites the briquettes while simultaneously pulling in oxygen to help the coals get hot fast. It’s a surefire way to transform your barbeque dreams into reality.

And those who’d like to try a top-rated chimney starter are in luck: Amazon's best-selling model, the Weber 7429 Rapid Fire Chimney Starter, is on sale right now for just $17.

To buy: $17 (originally $23);

Made of sturdy aluminized steel, this fire starter can handle any type of charcoal you like, holding between 60 to 100 briquettes, depending on the brand. Plus, it has a smart two-handle design to provide more control when pouring lit charcoal onto the grill as well as a large shield to protect your hands from burning temperatures.

What’s more, it’s raked up more than five thousand perfect reviews from happy customers. Users love how quick and uniform the chimney lights their charcoal, as well as the tool’s quality.

“This chimney is so well made that it will outlive my charcoal grill, and probably me,” says one user.

“Verdict: Weber is known to be the best mainstream brand there is to bbqing,” writes another reviewer. “They did not disappoint on their Chimney quality. This will actually save you money because you burn away way fewer briquettes to get a good fire. And you don't ever need fluid again.”

Customers also value the design, as one enthusiastically describes: “First: This model has just the right amount of ventilation to allow the briquettes to evenly heat up. The one I had before this would have issues with evenly heating the briquettes leaving me with white coals at the bottom and unheated coals on top. The Weber Rapidfire gets my briquettes white and ready in no time. Second: The design is excellent. It has a hard plastic handle which will ensure you do not get burned when you transfer the briquettes to the grill. The heat has so far not affected the handle in any way. Finally: When I fill the chimney to the very top I have the perfect amount of briquettes to cook my meals. The other chimney starter I had before the Webber would not hold as much and sometimes I would have to start two batches of charcoal to finish my bigger meats.”

Convinced? Summer is fast approaching, and we're not sure how long this deal will last. So we recommend adding the Weber 7429 Rapid Fire Chimney Starter to your cart now.

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