Basmati rice with olive oil and coconut milk


  1. Basmati rice
  2. Olive oil and coconut milk
  3. Black pepper and cherry tomatoes
  4. Seasoning
  5. Salt
  6. Onions, garlic and ginger


  1. Dice your onions and tomatoes, withe the garlic and ginger.

  2. Boil the rice for thirty minutes, then drain the water

  3. Heat the olive oil, and fry onions in it, with the garlic

  4. After frying the onions in low minimum heat add the coconut milk.

  5. Add water,seasoning,salt and ginger.

  6. Let the water boil before adding the rice and stir it.

  7. Add diced tomatoes. And let it boil for fifty minutes. Then switch off the fire. And let rice steam for five minutes.

  8. Basmati rice is ready, you can eat it with ketchup or any tomato sauce you like.

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