Beauty Pot Collagen Shabu-Shabu

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  1. Vegetables, meat and Soup base


  1. Cut Spinach/ Phuay Leng

  2. Cut Napa Cabbage

  3. Remove the roots of Enoki mushrooms and split to open them

  4. Cut Spring onions

  5. Remove stems of shitake mushrooms

  6. Make slit with knife

  7. Soak tofu puff with hot water

  8. When cool squeeze and discard the oily water. Repeat 2 more times with cold water

  9. Peel, cut carrot and shape with cookie cutter

  10. Cut Tofu into bite size pieces

  11. Arrange all vegetables on a serving plate

  12. Prepare thinly sliced beef and beef tendon balls

  13. Place soup base in the pot and bring it to a boil

  14. Add in the meat, swirl swirl

  15. Serve with garlic chilli soy sauce

  16. Add in all the vegetables and meat. And don’t forget to season the soup. I usually add salt, soy sauce and garlic oil

  17. Enjoy ?

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