Cheese chicken katsu

This is Great “OISHIiiii(Tasty)” Fly.


  1. 250 g… Chicken Breast
  2. 2 … Cheese slice
  3. solt
  4. white pepper
  5. flour
  6. beaten eggs
  7. breadcrumbs
  8. And vegetable Oil


  1. Slit the meat.
    Sandwich the cheese in between.

  2. Salt and pepper the meat.
    Cover it with flour.
    Then dip it in beaten eggs.

  3. And breadcrumbs separately.

  4. Heat the oil over medium heat.
    Put in the meat.
    1) Fry the front for 3 minutes.
    2) Fry the back for 2 minutes.
    3) Fry the table again for 1 minute.
    * Fry a total of 6 minutes.

  5. Move onto oil-absorbing paper.
    Soak up the oil.
    I cut it easy to eat.
    This is completed!

    Because I ate vegetables together, it’s virtually off calories! XD

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