Chicken stew in coconut with miracle plant Malunggay

Malunggay or Moringa in scientific name are widely abundant specially in the philippines, mostly Doctors and Scientist refers this ones as a miracle plant

6 Science-Based Health Benefits of Moringa oleifera

1. Moringa oleifera Is Very Nutritious
Protein: 2 grams
Vitamin B6: 19% of the RDA
Vitamin C: 12% of the RDA
Iron: 11% of the RDA
Riboflavin (B2): 11% of the RDA
Vitamin A (from beta-carotene): 9% of the RDA
Magnesium: 8% of the RDA

2. Moringa oleifera Is Rich in Antioxidants
3. Moringa May Lower Blood Sugar Levels

4. Moringa oleifera May Reduce Inflammation
5. Moringa Can Lowerbad Cholesterol
6. Moringa oleifera May Protect Against ArsenicToxicity


  1. 1 kg chopped chicken
  2. 200 g picked malunggay leaves
  3. 2 pcs coarsely chopped onions
  4. 1 pc chopped garlic pulp
  5. 1 pc chopped chilli finger (optional)
  6. 1/2 cup fresh chopped ginger
  7. 2 oz soy sauce
  8. 3 cups fresh and pure coconut milk
  9. 1 oz vegetable oil
  10. kosher salt and freshly crushed black pepper for seasonings
  11. 1 pc bay leaf
  12. 1 cup cut small potato (optional)


  1. Sauté onion, garlic, ginger, and chillies until lightly brown.

  2. Add in chopped chicken, and potatoes. season it with salt and pepper until the chicken sears up it’s surface in crisp, drop a pc of bay leaf.

  3. Glazed with soy sauce, until reduces

  4. Pour in the fresh and pure coconut milk

  5. Cook the dish until chicken is soft and tender, as well as the coconut sets in. for in about 10 mins. season it if needed

  6. Then lastly drop in the malunggay, simmer it again for about 3-4 mins. in a low heat.

  7. And then wallahhh.

  8. If Malunggay is not available you can use spinach as a substitute… ENJOY

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