Chinese Steam Egg

I live in Hongkong so i learn how to cook chinese food also, and this is steam egg which is like pudding , very soft, here i put some salty egg , century egg that also known as preserved egg, and spring onion, it is not easy to make it good texture, i tried many times but always failed 🙁 but i never give up to learn , i try again and again in another day untill i got the good one, so i think this what i have got and i will share how to make it . Hope u all enjoy to learn new things just like what i do :))


  1. 2 eggs
  2. 1 salty egg
  3. 1 century egg
  4. 250 ml water
  5. I didnt use any seasoning cos there is a salty egg
  6. Garnish :
  7. 1 tsp light soy sauce (optional)
  8. Spring onoins


  1. Crack 2 eggs into a bowl,

  2. Crack salty egg,separate the egg yolk and white

  3. Put white salty egg into the 2 eggs in the bowl and lightly beat them. Dont put egg yolk together.

  4. Add water and stir one direction then strain egg mixture into a heat proof bowl

  5. Cover with heat proof wrap

  6. Place the bowl in the prepared steamer, and steam over low to medium heat about 8 minutes or untill set.

  7. While waiting untill 8 minutes cut cube century egg and salty egg yolk

  8. After 8 minutes put in century egg and egg yolk and cover again with heatproof warp, steam again about 5 minutes or untill yolk set

  9. And finally done,, and sprinkle spring onion and light soy sauce if u want,, I didnt put it 🙂

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