Easy crockpot chicken dinner


  1. Chicken (legs, thighs, chicken breast, whatever you have on hand)
  2. 1 can Cream of chicken soup or Cream of mushroom or can use them both
  3. 2 cups water
  4. 1-2 cans green beans drained
  5. 1-2 cubes Chicken or beef bouillon or instant
  6. 1 cut onion or onion seasoning both optional
  7. Seasoning whatever you like
  8. Seasoning I used
  9. Mccormicks Himalayan pink salt black pepper and garlic all purpose seasoning (to make it easy it’s all in one)
  10. Ground Cayanne red pepper
  11. Paprika
  12. Garlic salt again (I like garlic)
  13. Onion powder because I didn’t have onion to put in this at the time


  1. Wash off chicken, then season it.set aside

  2. Heat water to dissolve the bouillon cubes. In a bowl add the hot water and bouillon cubes mix till dissolved, add all other ingredients but the chicken, mix up. Add seasoning to this as well.

  3. In crockpot add chicken, (I used frozen and defrosted it some in the microwave a little so it wasn’t all stuck together)

  4. Pour mixture over chicken and may need to spread it out evenly. Cook on high till chicken is done.

  5. Severe with mashed potatoes and biscuits

  6. Notes- you can add red cut potatoes to this, but I just wanted mashed potatoes…. I make this both ways…

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