Fish pakoda

Moms recipe #ramadan special yummy n tasty


  1. Any fish fillet
  2. cubes Maggi chicken
  3. Ginger garlic paste
  4. Black pepper powder
  5. Salt
  6. Besan
  7. Red chilli powder
  8. Water
  9. Oil to fry
  10. Cornflour


  1. Wash the fish

  2. Marinate the fish with Maggie chicken cubes pepper powder ginger garlic paste salt if required mix all n keep aside

  3. In a bowl add besan red chill powder salt pepper powder cornflour n add water n mix well n make a smooth batter

  4. Heat oil in a pan/kadai dip d fish 1 by 1 in d besan batter n fry in d oil until golden brown

  5. Yummy fish pakoda is ready

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