Kanten Wagashi:"Sakura"

It’s a traditional Japanese sweet which is made from Kanten (Aagar), sugar and water.Cook all these ingredients and set it. Cut it into pieces and dry them. Then very a thin layer of sugar appears their surface.


  1. 7.5 g Kona Kanten (Powder Agar)
  2. 300 ml Water
  3. 460 g Granulated Sugar
  4. 30 ml Sakura liqueur (flavor of cherry flowers & leaves)
  5. Red food coloring


  1. Ingredients & mold

  2. Put 300ml of water in a pot. Add 7-7.5g of Kona Kanten (Powder Agar) and mix them. Heat it up on a medium flame to boiling. Turn down the flame. Simmer it for 1 min.

  3. Add 460g of Granulated Sugar and mix them on a medium flame.

  4. Once it boils, turn down the flame and sweat down until its amount decreases to 80-85%. Add 30ml of Sakura liqueur.

  5. Pour the half into a mold as passing through a strainer.

  6. Add red food coloring into the rest and colorize it. Pour it into a mold as passing through a strainer.

  7. Leave it to set.

  8. Unmold it on a parchment sheet. Cut it out in the shape of Sakura with a mold. (It’s OK just cut it into bite-sized pieces.)

  9. Put the on a parchment sheet or a gridiron. (If you use a gridiron, please put a very little oil on a gridiron.) Leave it several for days to convert into sugar its surface until being covered with a very thin layer of sugar.

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