Low carb coconut cherry gelatine cake


  1. 2 oz unflavoured gelatine (we used Knox)
  2. 1 cup coconut milk
  3. 1 cup pitted cherries
  4. 2 tsp honey or monk fruit sugar, taste and adjust your sweetness as per your liking
  5. 1 cup cherry juice


  1. Heat up 1 cup of cherry juice on medium hight heat add 1 cup coconut milk, and 2tsp honey or monk fruit sugar. Bring it to boil and lover the heat to low. Make sure it’s well combined.

  2. Add slowly 2oz of unflavoured gelatine and stir till gelatine is completely melted. Remove from the stove and let it cool for few min.

  3. Pour into desired mold over pitted cherries and place it to the fridge for at least 3-4hours. Enjoy!!! Great dessert for a summer day!!!

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