Masoor daal with zeera rice

#refer to muskan kashif


  1. Half kg masoor daal
  2. 1 tbs red chilli powder
  3. Half tbs turmeric powder
  4. 1 tbs coriander powder
  5. 2 tbs ginger garlic paste
  6. to taste Salt
  7. For tadka ingredients
  8. Half cup oil
  9. 1 medium size onion
  10. 1 tbs cumin seeds
  11. 5 whole red chilli
  12. For zeera rice ingredients
  13. 550 gms rice
  14. 2 bay leaves
  15. 1 tbs cumin seeds
  16. 1 tps oil
  17. 1 cinnamon stick


  1. First soak masoor daal 45 min than wash it 3 times take a pan add masoor daal on it add 4cups water red chilli powder turmeric powder coriander powder ginger garlic paste salt to taste and cover it 45 min after 45 min…. heat oil in pan add onion whole red chilli till onion brown now add cumin seeds for tadka masoor daal is ready add garam masala coriander leaves and green chili for garnishing

  2. Soak rice for 30 min and set aside now boil water with oil cumin seeds bay leaves salt cinnamon stick then water boil add soaked rice then rice boiled strain it and cover it….. for 10mint dum

  3. Ready to serve ❤️

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