Pancake muffins

If you love pancakes and muffins as much as my family does, then you will love this recipe! It is just to so easy and absolutely delicious! Sometimes I make these the night before when it’s quiet and the kids are sleeping, and just pop these babies in the microwave In the morning and boom breakfast is done and iam drinking coffee in peace lol! It’s amazing also great for teens who eat on go .


  1. Muffin cups or non stick spray
  2. Pancake batter already premade


  1. Line a pan with muffin cups or spray pan
    Just make the mix as you normally would, and spoon into muffin pan (about 3-4TBS for large muffin pan or 2 tbs for mini)
    Bake at 350 for 8-10 minutes
    Dip them in syrup and enjoy!

  2. This is totally optional but makes it so much easier. I highly recommend using a cookie scoop. You will thank me later because it saves so much time on spooning out the muffins.

  3. We love these little pancake muffins plain but sometimes it’s fun to mix it up. Try some of these delicious ideas next time you try this recipe.

  4. Easy Mix in ideas for delicious pancake muffins:
    Chocolate chips

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