QOTW: What's your favorite cooking/food-related show and why?

Happy Humpday, kitchen peeps!

Hope your week’s being good to you so far.

Was binge-watching Parts Unknown over the weekend – Anthony Bourdain (RIP) has been my favorite food-related programming since he started making food-related programming – and that made me wonder:


I really love the open and humble approach Bourdain had to all food cultures, and I enjoy his way with words, too.

On the cooking side, I love watching Julia Child and Jacques Pepin because they were so real and practical in their approach to cooking. Ina Garten is great for consistently crowd pleasing recipes, and I like how she incorporates her relationships into the episodes. (I hear they’re reviving Barefoot Contessa – woot!)

Looking forward to hearing your favorites and wishing you a lovely rest of the week! 🙂



  1. Your favorite cooking/food-related shows


  1. Tell us your favorite cooking/food-related shows and why you enjoy them.

  2. If words only, use comment. If with original pic, use Cooksnap.

  3. If you’ve published or cooked a Cookpad recipe inspired by a food show, do share!

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