Recipe of a Good Life

When my husband ‘s health was better and I was working, we used to travel often, far and near.

I had a good life then.

Now that his health has declined and I, retired, our life evolved within our small apartment.

I felt miserable and empty inside.

Few months back, my daughter and I had a discussion about a dilemma that I had, she introduced me to Cookpad telling me that this app might be a solution for me.

I wasn’t so sure about it.

To me, a good life meant being able to travel, being able to go out for sushi with my children and grandchildren, and being able to spend whatever it took to do those things. Staying home , using one finger to type a recipe and put it on something called app didn’t seem to be a solution for me.

Not until I read a book written by J. Marten Troost: “Getting Stoned with Savages “. In it, he wrote “What is a good life but an accumulation of small pleasures ?”.

Suddenly I realized that I could still have a good life doing little things. Such as taking my granddaughter toMcDonald and watching her having fun with other children at the play place, or using one finger to type a recipe and put in on some app.

I’ll just have to ingrain this thought:
“ What is a good life but an accumulation of small pleasures?”.

And keep searching for small pleasures.


  1. FaceTime with my children and grandchildren
  2. Spending time with them
  3. Sharing a good meal or not so good meal with them
  4. Cooking something using my imagination and sometimes messing it up
  5. Going to a Thrif Store and just looking at things that remind me of “once upon a time. “
  6. Taking a bus and enjoying things around me without having to worry about hitting another car
  7. Watching Netflix, Amazon Prime, Hulu without having to pay a dime for any of them because the children do!


  1. I just mix them all and contemplate my good life!

  2. Next time I’ll use different “ingredients “!

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