Sig's Beetroot, Cumin and Salmon Soup

I love beetroot but not when it’s pickled.


  1. 1 medium red onion
  2. 1 potato 200-215 g not the ones that boil to a mash
  3. 2 fresh beetroot about 400 g
  4. 2 tbsp butter or margerine
  5. 1/2 tsp cumin seeds or more if liked
  6. 1 ltr instant vegetable stock
  7. 1 glass red sweet wine
  8. 4 small, thick cut pieces of cooked peppered salmon
  9. 1 small tub of creme fraiche
  10. Sorry that I dont have more photos, made this a long time ago


  1. First boil your peeled potatoes in the stock together with the peeled beetroot. (do wear gloves when peeling beetroot and protect your clothing. ( At this point you may use fresh bought peeled beetroot that has not been pickled.))

  2. Slightly popp the cumin seeds in the melted butter add about 3/4 to the stock with the potatoes and beetroot. Keep the rest of the seed for garnish.

  3. When both the potatoes and beetroot are cooked, break down in food processor until very smooth in the stock.

  4. Add the wine and keep at a gentle heat or let cool, as this soup is also amazing eaten cold.

  5. Separate each of the cooked peppered salmon (hot or cold) into thirds. Serve in bowls garnished with a good dollop of creme fraiche. Garnish with bits of green herbs. Sprinkle with the rest of cumin.

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