Sourdough starter

To establish your own starter from scratch, use only unbleached flour and non-chlorinated water. Discard starter if mold grows on top, clean everything thoroughly and start again. Once the starter is going, it keeps well in the refrigerator. Depending on temperature, the starter could take 5 – 10 days to be ready.


  1. 700 + g unbleached whole wheat flour
  2. 1 liter water
  3. mason jars, wide lid


  1. Day 0: Note weight of your glass jars, it will help with weighing later. In the evening, mix 50g warm water (80°F) and 50g whole wheat flour together, place in a clean glass jar and cover loosely with paper towel and a rubber band. Let sit overnight at room temperature.

  2. Day 1: The next morning, add 50g warm water and 50g flour and let sit overnight. There should be 200g of starter now and it may not appear active yet.

  3. Day 2: Retain 100g of starter and add 100g warm water and 100g flour.

  4. Day 3: Retain 150g of starter and add 100g warm water and 100g flour.

  5. Day 4: Retain 200g of starter and add 150g warm water and 150g flour.

  6. Day 5: Retain 250g of starter and add 200g warm water and 200g flour. The starter should be ready to use the following morning for baking.

  7. Day 6: Use starter for baking and retain 200g of starter and place in refrigerator until ready to use again. Bring starter to room temperature the day before planning to bake again. For 200g of starter, add 200g cool water and 200g flour on the evening before planning to bake.

  8. Discarded starter is great for overnight pancakes and waffles. Keep extra starter refrigerated or dried for longer term storage.

  9. To dry starter, add flour to starter until all water is absorbed. Pulse in food processor or mix in with hands to make small pieces. Let air-dry for a few days and then keep in air-tight jar. To use, add equal parts warm water and dried starter.

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