Spaghetti ala burger patty sauce (beef 🐮)


  1. 2 pieces burger patty
  2. 1/2 kilo spaghetti (1 small pack)
  3. 2 pieces tomato 🍅
  4. 1 pieces onion
  5. 2 spoon garlic &ginger paste
  6. 1 p of sweet pepper/capsicum
  7. 1 pack tomato paste (small)
  8. 🌶 optional
  9. 1 spoon dill (frozen or fresh)
  10. 1 spoonCoriander powder (substitute of fresh Corainder.)
  11. to taste Salt and pepper
  12. 11/2 spoon curry powder (mild flavor)
  13. 1/2 spoon turmeric (udjust if don't like much.)
  14. 1 teaspoon lemon powder
  15. 1 spoon oil
  16. 2 liters water


  1. Wash the engrident with salt (5 minute keep it in the water.)

  2. After you clean the vegetables, blender the tomato and tomato paste together and keep a side.

  3. Here the dry engrident.

  4. Let start to cook; 1 put the burger patty in a casserole/pan and wait till water finish and put onion. Stir fry until golden brown/soft and add the garlic &ginger paste simmer together until a the smell come out 😊✌. Aroma in you food just only burger patty

  5. Next after 3 minutes add all dry engrident into burger simmer together and add tomato paste wait a second before adding tomato sauce (blender 🍅). To much patience my ricipe guys 😊 because you wait again 5 minutes until boiling burger patty sauce and after that you add boiling water. Cook for 40 minutes.

  6. After 30 minutes add salt and dill and taste it (wait a minutes). If the sauce done 👍 wash the spaghetti before you put in a sauce… Cook in a small fire and mix sometime to avoid burn. After 20 minutes add chili 🌶 and capsicum fresh Corainder if don’t have Corainder powder it’s okay (yani 1 spoon total). Simmer together and wait a minutes before adding another pepper powder (optional). Close the fire 👍😊 and ready to plate.

  7. Sorry guys i am not a perfect in English writing if you did not understand please dont be shy message me in private. We talk while you cooking. 😊❤Ps; my employer very love in a species engrident and chilis🌶🌶🌶🌶 red sauce and sometime over cook.

  8. Udjust its depend of you guy it okay don’t fallow my method or other my species ingredient it hassle to you 👍👍. Please send me if you try my ricipe. ❤. Thank you.

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