Super moist beef meatballs

I heavily salt these gorgeous babies to make a soup next day. Please cut the seasonings in half if you serve it as an entrée.


  1. 2 lb grass-fed grounded beef
  2. 1 pack (14 oz) extra firm tofu
  3. 6 garlic cloves
  4. 1 Tsp minced ginger
  5. 1 cup wine (rice, red or white)
  6. 1 Tsp fish sauce
  7. 1 Tsp organic tamari sauce
  8. 1/2 salt, optional
  9. 1/2 tsp onion powder, optional


  1. Blend tofu with garlic, ginger and a cup of wine to make a thin paste.

  2. Pour the mixture into a mixing bowl. Add 2 lbs of grounded beef. Tamari sauce and fish sauce shall be cut in half if you want to enjoy the meatball alone. I make these balls for soup so it has to be saltier. Mix everything very well by hands.

  3. In a large flat pan, use pasture raise pork lard ideally or olive oil to fry the beef meatballs. Shape the balls into ping-pong size balls. Roast in oven at 375F for 30 minutes plus broil for 4 minutes.

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