Tuna patties

This is an easy recipe that requires one pan! It’s quick and versatile!



  1. 1-2 tins tuna
  2. 2 TBS Mayo
  3. 1/4 grinded onion
  4. 2 TBS preferred oil
  5. Optional: any veggies can, it just depends on cook times!
  6. slice Optional: cheese
  7. to taste Salt and pepper


  1. In a bowl, add all ingredients

  2. Mix well, and prepare pan on medium head with oil

  3. Mold or drop tuna slop into pan, size doesn’t matter!

  4. Cook until both sides are crispy and lightly browned!

  5. Optional: if you have cheese, now would be the time to place it on the patty!

  6. You can make this into really anything! Like a tuna melt with extra work, or just on it’s own! It fares best with a spicy mayo or a strong mustard!

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