Your oppa’s sandwich

this is the remake of the famous inkigayo sandwich


  1. 1 boiled potato
  2. 1 boiled egg
  3. 4 slices white bread
  4. 1/2 cabbage
  5. 1/2 carrot
  6. 2 crabstick
  7. ketchup
  8. strawberry jam
  9. mayonnaise


  1. Mashed potato and boiled egg. mix it with mayonnaise

  2. Cut half of cabbage and half of carrot into thin strips. mix it with mayonnaise and ketchup

  3. Spread the mix of mashed potato and eggs on top the white bread (if you use the white bread with crusts, cute them all)

  4. Put another white bread on top and spread the mix of cabbage and carrot

  5. Stack another white bread on top and spread the strawberry jam. put another white bread.

  6. Cut the bread into half. put it in the refrigerator for 2 hours. remember to eat this within a day.

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